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Essential Oil Candle

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Introducing our new Essential Oil candle line! ??

Made from Organic Soy, Natural fibre flat braided wick with thin paper fibers intertwined. Resulting in a cleaner burning, self-trimming wick with, controlled curling and a hotter, more efficient flame.

Pink Grapefruit & Cinnamon Leaf
Uplifting! These Essential Oils are reputed to ease nervous exhaustion and relieve depression, promoting an inner joy.

Scented with top quality, aromatherapy grade Essential Oils!
Essential Oils have been used for hundreds of years for their therapeutic and restorative properties. We will include a small overview of the benefits associated with the essential oils contained in the various scent blends we will be offering.

A home fragrance candle line you can feel good about! Because we know, the air quality in your home is important.

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