I’ve never heard of tallow... What is it?

So you've never heard of tallow, No problem! This fat is very similar to the oils produced by our own skin. That makes it easily absorbed and balancing, even if you have the oiliest of skin. Tallow has been used in soaps and homemade balms for literally thousands of years, and for good reason... its works! It's like a multivitamin for your largest organ, your skin. Tallow is an underutilized / underappreciated product, and we are so happy & grateful to be putting this product to good use.

Why Water Buffalo Milk?

Water Buffalo Milk is extremely high in Vitamin E, Minerals, Antioxidants & Proteins. Natural & Nourishing! Due to its higher fat content (Approx. 9% per 100 g) nearly double other milk products, it helps your skin feel softer & moisturized!  

I have extreme allergies. Do you offer products for sensitive skin?

For Sure! Many of our biggest fans are those with sensitive skin, allergies, autoimmune conditions, etc. We offer unscented products for very sensitive skin. In addition, many of our natural ingredients for skincare are healing for sensitive skin.

Do your products smell like a farm? 
In general, no! lol....We also use a range of essential oils or fragrance oils depending on the line of soap you are purchasing, to add scents to our products, and our clients truly love the way our products smell!