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Perfectly Patchouli Tallow Balm

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Perfectly Patchouli is just as you would imagine, Earthy, Woodsy, a light intoxicating scent!

Our concentrated Tallow balms are great for an all over moisturizer or for treating trouble areas on your Face, Hands, or Body!

Need some immediate relief from dry skin? Then try it for yourself... it really works!

Simply apply about a pea sized amount to the area and massage it in*. Because our Tallow Balm is concentrated... A Little Goes A Long Way.

Ever wonder how the pioneering men & women that settled this land cared for their skin...

Before the creams and moisturizers we have readily available today?

They used what was commonly available on the homestead and made their own!

Tallow is the original 'Body Butter'

Our skin cell membranes are made up of roughly 50% saturated fats.

Tallow has a very similar percentage of saturated fatty acids.

These fatty acids are the foundations for healthy skin cells,

and the nutrients they contain are vital for skin repair & regeneration!

*as with any cosmetic, test a small amount to ensure it is compatible with your skin.

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