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Tracy Struthers Lifestyle "Pamper Yourself" Gift Set.

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"Simple, fresh scents that are made naturally and with gentle ingredients, this is what I want in my products. 
These soaps that I have chosen for my signature basket, are carefully crafted from Water Buffalo Milk, which is so luxurious for my skin. The Lilac and Lavender soap has such a pretty, lightly scented smell of spring, and I love how soft my skin feels after. The Bay Rum soap has a comforting scent of spices like Jasmine, Rose, and Lavender, along with Patchouli, Vanilla, and Rum, which is loved by my husband, he loves the smell.  
My lips love the Buff Balm in Vanilla Chill, with the wonderful aromas of Shea Butter ad Coconut oil. The natural moisturizer in this balm keeps my lips so supple, and I really love the adorable vintage container. 
This Cucumber and Melon Candle invites a freshly scented combination of cucumber water and warm summer rain, which fills my home without harmful chemicals and really compliments my simple living way of life."

The Pamper Yourself Gift Set Contains:

1 - Cucumber Melon Soy Candle
1 - Lilac & Lavender Milk Soap
1 - Bay Rum Milk Soap
1 - Vanilla Chill Lip Balm

All neatly packed into a sleek black tray, just waiting for that evening of pampering!

We make all our products in small batches... so get yours before they are gone! We are always making product.. but it takes a month for the soaps to cure. That being said, "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait."

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