You may be under the impression as many are that skin care starts after you shower, but the fact is you can improve your skin by using moisturizing milk soaps in your bath or shower! Milk products have been used in cosmetic products, especially in Artisan Products, since ancient times.

Milk soap, more specifically Water Buffalo Milk, contains fats, triglycerides, and numerous vitamins &minerals that nourish and moisturize the skin. Water Buffalo Milk Soap also contains natural glycerin that is an excellent moisturizer!

The pH in milk soap is very similar to that of our skin resulting in a gentle clean without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. Water Buffalo Milk Soap is especially good for people with sensitive skin or eczema, they find it far less harsh or drying than most ordinary soaps.

All milk contains Lactic Acid. the levels of lactic acid found in Water Buffalo Milk Soap providing a natural exfoliation that help your skin shed old skin cells, making way for new healthier skin.

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