Sometimes called Snowberry is a delicate floral undertone similar to Honeysuckle combines with Fresh Cantaloupe to create a fresh yet sweet scent. A real blast of summer fills the air, truly refreshing and uplifting!!


  • Our Natural Soy wax melts have the same awesome scent properties of a candle & will fill your space with delicious aroma. Each melt comes with 6 cubes.

    Simply add a cube to your wax melt warmer and enjoy the smell!

    You should be able to burn each cube for approximately 3 hours without compromising the strength of the scent. So a full pack of wax melts will grant you up to 18 burn hours!

    Our melts are made:

    1. 100% all natural soy wax. Never tested on animals and do not include animal byproducts. It is renewable and sustainable.

    2. We only use top quality fragrance oils that are Paraben and Phthalate FREE!