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Our soaps are handcrafted and produced in small batches, using the traditional and time tested cold process soap making method. Ever wondered how the pioneering people through the years have gone by caring for their skin, before all the modern creams and chemicals? By using ingredients that were readily available on the homestead. They made their own natural soap and skincare products like tallow balms.


Almost all of our soaps contain Water Buffalo Milk! Why do we boast? Only because Water Buffalo Milk is extremely high in vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants & proteins that nourish your skin naturally! It's higher fat content (approx. 9% per 100 g) nearly double most other milk products. This will help your skin feel softer & ultra moisturized. 


We are proud to be a part of the return to healthier, homemade products, known as the Maker's Movement and source all our raw material locally.


Our family started down the road to using Water Buffalo Milk because of what we thought was our son's intolerance to dairy. He was able to have Water Buffalo Milk without the negative side effects. We started looking for other natural & local products we could use at home. Not being able to find all the products we wanted, we started making them! This was the beginning of our soap making journey. (Thank-You Martin & Lori)


Since our soaps are made in the traditional process using no hardeners, dyes or accelerants; there is a considerable amount of time involved in curing our products. It typically takes over a month to be fully cured and ready to use..... but, good things come to those who wait!