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Why our soaps are the color they are.

Unveiling the True Colors of Rawdon Creek Soaps: Nature's Palette

At Rawdon Creek Soap Co, we believe that true beauty lies in simplicity, and that philosophy extends to the hues of our handcrafted soaps. Wondering why you won't find artificial colorants in our products? The answer is simple yet fascinating –we don't need them! our soaps derive their unique colors from a harmonious dance between heat, milk, lye, and the essence of nature.

The Natural Alchemy of Colors

Picture this: the heat of the lye meeting the transformative frozen water buffalo milk. The result? A spectrum of colors that ranges from the warm embrace of a dark orange to the gentle caress of paler tones. The secret? It's all in the method – add all lye quickly to frozen milk, and you unveil a richer, deeper shade; introduce it gradually, and the palette lightens.

Nature's Touch: Fragrance Oils and Color Symphony

But that's not the only note in this symphony of colors. Fragrance oils, especially those with vanilla or other aromatic wonders, bring their own hues to the mix. The result is a visually neutral that mirrors the essence of calm.

Striving for Natural Excellence

At Rawdon Creek Soap Co, our commitment to natural beauty is unwavering. Join us on a journey where every soap tells a story written by the alchemy of nature, where simplicity meets vibrant allure. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the magic behind our soap hues, celebrating the artistry of simplicity and the brilliance of nature's palette.

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