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  • Our rustic dough bowl candles add style and charm to any room or table setting. These beautifully carved bowls are full of charm and unique character


    That being said, they are a product made from natural fiber (wood) and are therefore subject to expansion/contraction and can develop small checks & cracks. So treat it the same as you would other candle products; Always trim your wick to 1/4", Burn your candle on a smooth flame resistant surface, Do not burn a candle like this near items that could be permanently damaged if you do have a wax leak, and be aware to stop burning the candle all together or once there is roughly 1/2" of wax left in the container. These simple tips will ensure you have a pleasant experience.


    Dough bowls are refillable if returned to us clean.

    DOUGH BOWL CANDLE - Med (Aprx. 32 oz)

    • Our candles are made from 100% all natural soy wax. 

      Clean Burning, renewable, sustainable, contain no animal byproducts and are never tested on animals.

      We use a premium natural cotton lead free wick, & use only top quality fragrances, FREE of parabens or phthalates!

      Our Vessels are recyclable, simply clean them up & return them to us.

      We are proud to offer a "Take Back" program. Return your clean Dough Bowl to us and we will refill them, and you will get 30% off your refilled Dough Bowl Candle.

    • The following steps will help minimize your risk when you burn candles in your home.

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